Anasazi Petroglyphs


These ancient stone drawings were created around 200 A.D. by the Anasazi Indians and are located a short drive down Highway 91 traveling from Santa Clara toward Kayenta. Please note, never touch, stand or draw on the writings as they can be damaged. Click on the images below for a larger view.


About one-half mile east of Kayenta, you'll see the Santa Clara River Reserve sign pointing to the Anasazi Trailhead to the left. Enter the gate and drive approximately one-third mile to the parking area.


Follow the trail just east of the parking area up the hill past the archeological excavation area (roped off in orange).


Proceed up the hill until you see a BLM stake indicating ancient writings.


Walk west until you get to the edge of the cliff and follow the well worn paths around the boulders to find the glyphs.